Once an adventuring mage, he and his fellow adventurer Rufus have settled in Hommlet to protect it.


Burne came to Hommlet four years ago, shorlty after the fall of the Temple, to take advantage of the opportunities for adventurers, along with his friend Rufus. They had a number of adventures together, but eventually decided to settle in the town and begin raising a force of men-at-arms to defend it. This decision was likely brough on by the increase in bandit activity.

Since then, Burne has been focusing on getting the tower fully built and determining the soruce of the bandits. Unfortunatly, one of the hostiages captured by them is his apprentice, and he cannot move against them as a result.

Along with Jaroo Ashstaff, Cannon Terjon, Captain Grant, and Elder Marcus, he serves as the main body of the town council.


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