Champions of Oerth

Waterday the 17th of Harvester

The party returns to the Moat House, and insures that the surface is cleared of threats before continuing. During this, they find a large treasure chest apparantly owned by Zert, but left behind in his hastey retreat. Though it contains enough wealth to satisfy even the greediest of adventurers, Mungo realises that it has all been coated in what those in the buisness refer to as “spite posion;” a rare and expensive contact posion that is almost impossible to get rid of without the tailor-made antidote, and is usually fatal. Not wanting to risk anyone’s life, even scavangers, Lucan and Mungo work together to determine the best place to bury the treasure safely.

Proceeding downstairs, the group discovers two store-rooms with food, ammunition, armour and weapons and – most importantly – a crate of seventy black cloaks adorned with a flaming yellow eye. Though no one recognises this symbol, they feel it cannot be good, and take one for reference.

They then face off against a large hoard of zombies that bear a striking resemblance to the first group of adventurers, as well as the ogre’s “snacks.” Defeating them, they head into a torture room that, upon further examination, appears much more recently used than first glance would suggest. Also in this room is a secret tunnel hidden in a column, which appears to lead down. Deciding to secure the rest of this floor first, they head into the last remaining room (that once held the ogre, though they do not realise it) and find a group of gnolls had taken up residence there. They defeat the gnolls, the leader of which wielded a magic shield, putting them to sleep and lcok them up in the prison room to deal with later, finding a treasure chest in this room that contains, amoungst other treasures, a small grey cloak that is eventually discovered to be a Cloak of Elvenkind.

Heading down the secret tunnle they find themselves in a crypt, which is inhabited by four ghouls. They defeat the ghouls, but Lady Rebecca is paralyzed. While waiting for her to recover, Mungo scouts out a small tunnle the leads to the ghoul’s nest, and then furhter on to a series of small tunnles – no more than three foot in diameter – which he avoids.

Once the group begins moving again, they come across a group of gnolls. Mungo fails to sneak up on the gnoll standing guard, even with his cloak, and combat is begun. The party defeats the gnolls, but sadly Mungo falls.

The party, badly beaten and in desperate need of healing, heads back to Hommlet. On the way out, they must determine what to do with the captured Gnolls. Realising that the only thing awaiting them at Hommlet is a hanging, they decided the safest – and kindest – course of action is to humanly execute them at the Moat House.



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