Champions of Oerth

Moonday the 22nd of Reaping

First thing in the morning, the party leaves Hommlet to return to the Moat House. Having cleared the path before, this trip takes only an hour. When they arrive, they enter the main body of the Moat House. There, they face a half-dozen bandits, whom they defeat easily, killing the leader and capturing the rest. They question the bandits, and determine that they were “allowed” to work there by the “pretty boy” who they believe lives somewhere below them.

The party return to Hommlet with the bandits, some of whom attempt to escape and are killed. They hand the survivors over to Burne, who had told them he was giving bandits the oportunity to work as men-at-arms. In reuturn for their work in helping make the area safer, he bought them rooms at the Inn for a week, and offered them secure storage in his tower.

The group takes lunch at the Inn, speaking with the mercenary pair Turuko and Kobort. They discuss the possibility of hiring the pair, but determine not to, instead waiting to guage the threat of the bandits.

After purchasing some horses to quicken the trip, the party return to the Moat House, and decide to fully explore the surface before heading downstairs to find the “pretty boy.” They discover that the drawbridge isn’t stable enough to support the horses, so used one of the main gates to reinforce it. Despite this, one of the horses breaks a leg trying to get accross. They face numerous threats, including a giant snake and a giant lizard, but things begin going wrong when Ariana goes to examine a barrle in the kitchen, and a giant tick drops down from the cealing onto her, and drains all of her blood before the rest of the party can save her, killing her.

As the group returns home to bury their comrade, they are ambushed by Turuko and Kobort, who had followed them in the hopes of finding an oportunity for profit. Seeing them one man down and badly battered, the pair decided to attack and loot their bodies. They manage to kill Grognak and Kes before they are themselves killed, their bodies looted and then chucked unceremoniously into the swamp.

The last two arrive in Hommlet, their three companions tied to their horses. They speak to Jaroo Ashstaff to arrange a funeral for them, to discover that Jaroo had three guests he wished to introduce to them: Radlin, an elf follower of the Old Faith who had been sent to aid Jaroo with the bandits; Lesine, a mercenary they had met along the way who had offered her services, and Grimjaw, who had come searching for Grognak, his brother. Eland and Lossa welcome the offer of assitance from these three, determined to return to the moathouse the next day.

After hearing the actions of Turuko and Kobort, the innkeepr of the Welcome Wench gives the party what little the pair left behind, including a fine heavy warhorse.



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