Champions of Oerth

Moonday the 15th of Harvester

Under the order of Cardinal Z, the head of the church of Heironeous in the City of Greyhawk, Lady Rebbecca and Lucan are tasked with the duty of investigating rumours of evil activity in the area of Hommlet that may be linked to the Temple of Elemental Evil. While Heironeious does not have much of a presence there – indeed, they agreed to leave keeping an eye on the area to the church of St. Cuthbert – there was a worry that things were worsening, and relations with the localt Cuthbertians had become strained since the mysterious disaperance of Cannoness Y’dey.

The pair are joined by Fellkin and Barbossa. Fellkin’s master in the arcane arts was a close friend and ex-adventuring companion of Cardinal Z, and sent him to aid his old friend, brining his friend Barbossa along. Also helping htem was Mungo, a treasure hunter hired by the Cardinal himself to aid them, and Brother Anson, who was to act as their contact with the church in Greyhawk. The five met in Verbobonc to begin their task.



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