Champions of Oerth

Godsday the 23rd of Reaping

At first light, the group returns once more to the Moat House. After determining no new forces lurked on the main level, they headed down the stairs, being attacked by giant rats along the way, and narrowly avoiding a pair of green slimes at the bottom, though the last cost them four feet of one of their ten-foot poles.

They proceeded to explore the area until they opened a door to find themselves face-to-face with an oger. Though they managed to defeat the ogre, the noise apparantly attracted the attention of a large hoard of zombies that moved up to block off their escape. The only other door in the room led to a holding cell for several prisoners – snacks for the ogre, most likley – so the party was forced to face the zombies. One by one, the group fell, taking the zombies with them as they did so. As the last party member fell dead, only one zombie remained standing.



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