Champions of Oerth

Earthday the 18th of Harvester

The party takes this day to mourn the loss of their friend, as well as heal their wounds and plan for their next move. During this day, Brother Grant arrives, having met Brother Anson on the way in. A cleric of Heironeous from Greyhawk, his father fought at the Battle of Emridy Meadows. When he disvoered Lady Rebeca’s mission, he requested the chance to join them, and the Cardinal accepted. He was wamrly greated by the party, despite the sadness over the loss of Mungo.

Waterday the 17th of Harvester

The party returns to the Moat House, and insures that the surface is cleared of threats before continuing. During this, they find a large treasure chest apparantly owned by Zert, but left behind in his hastey retreat. Though it contains enough wealth to satisfy even the greediest of adventurers, Mungo realises that it has all been coated in what those in the buisness refer to as “spite posion;” a rare and expensive contact posion that is almost impossible to get rid of without the tailor-made antidote, and is usually fatal. Not wanting to risk anyone’s life, even scavangers, Lucan and Mungo work together to determine the best place to bury the treasure safely.

Proceeding downstairs, the group discovers two store-rooms with food, ammunition, armour and weapons and – most importantly – a crate of seventy black cloaks adorned with a flaming yellow eye. Though no one recognises this symbol, they feel it cannot be good, and take one for reference.

They then face off against a large hoard of zombies that bear a striking resemblance to the first group of adventurers, as well as the ogre’s “snacks.” Defeating them, they head into a torture room that, upon further examination, appears much more recently used than first glance would suggest. Also in this room is a secret tunnel hidden in a column, which appears to lead down. Deciding to secure the rest of this floor first, they head into the last remaining room (that once held the ogre, though they do not realise it) and find a group of gnolls had taken up residence there. They defeat the gnolls, the leader of which wielded a magic shield, putting them to sleep and lcok them up in the prison room to deal with later, finding a treasure chest in this room that contains, amoungst other treasures, a small grey cloak that is eventually discovered to be a Cloak of Elvenkind.

Heading down the secret tunnle they find themselves in a crypt, which is inhabited by four ghouls. They defeat the ghouls, but Lady Rebecca is paralyzed. While waiting for her to recover, Mungo scouts out a small tunnle the leads to the ghoul’s nest, and then furhter on to a series of small tunnles – no more than three foot in diameter – which he avoids.

Once the group begins moving again, they come across a group of gnolls. Mungo fails to sneak up on the gnoll standing guard, even with his cloak, and combat is begun. The party defeats the gnolls, but sadly Mungo falls.

The party, badly beaten and in desperate need of healing, heads back to Hommlet. On the way out, they must determine what to do with the captured Gnolls. Realising that the only thing awaiting them at Hommlet is a hanging, they decided the safest – and kindest – course of action is to humanly execute them at the Moat House.

Godsday the 16th of Harvester

The group arrives in Hommlet, to find their welcome cold. After a while, they determine the situation. At first worried about helping due to the risk to the hostiges, after speaking with Burne, Jaroo Ashstaff and Cannon Terjon, they determine that, in all likelyhood, the bandits would not harm the hostiges if attacked by outsiders – such as them – unless they recieved help from the locals.

They head to the Moat House. There, they face giant frogs, as well as the new bandits that killed Elmo and Spugnoir. The bandits appeared in the midst of celebration, having just gained a large crate of holy water and potions (worth a fair amount) from a raid. The party disrupts the celebration, attacking the bandits, including a mage wielding a magic dagger, the leader, in magical chainmail, “the boss’s girl,” and a leutenant with a magical shield.

The party defeats the bandits, managing to take some of them captive. While disucssing what to do next, they catch Zert attempting to sneak past them to head downstairs. He offers them a letter he carries on him from the leader of the real bandits, downstairs, in return for his life. They agree, provided he leaves and never comes within fifteen miles of Hommlet. The letter confirms that the main bandits are working for the Temple, and identifies the leader as a follower of Lolth.

The party returns to Hommlet, and hands over the bandits to Calmer, who assures them that justice will be done. A copy of the letter is given to Cannon Terjon, who says he will send word to his superiors, hoping that this will spur them to send him more assistance. Meanwhile, Brother Anson takes the origional letter to Greyhawk to report to the Cardinal.

At the same time, the group manages to discern who the crate of objects was stolen by the bandits from, and return it, sending it to Verbobonc, where the merchants who lost the items are based.

The party agrees that the likelyhood of swift, decisive action being taken by either church is low, considering the amount of resources currently dealing with other, equally powerful evils that appear to have risen in other corners of the continent. At the very least, they must rescue the hostiges unaided.

Moonday the 15th of Harvester

Under the order of Cardinal Z, the head of the church of Heironeous in the City of Greyhawk, Lady Rebbecca and Lucan are tasked with the duty of investigating rumours of evil activity in the area of Hommlet that may be linked to the Temple of Elemental Evil. While Heironeious does not have much of a presence there – indeed, they agreed to leave keeping an eye on the area to the church of St. Cuthbert – there was a worry that things were worsening, and relations with the localt Cuthbertians had become strained since the mysterious disaperance of Cannoness Y’dey.

The pair are joined by Fellkin and Barbossa. Fellkin’s master in the arcane arts was a close friend and ex-adventuring companion of Cardinal Z, and sent him to aid his old friend, brining his friend Barbossa along. Also helping htem was Mungo, a treasure hunter hired by the Cardinal himself to aid them, and Brother Anson, who was to act as their contact with the church in Greyhawk. The five met in Verbobonc to begin their task.

Godsday the 9th of Goodmonth

The head of one of the hostiges is found pinned to the town hall door, along with a note that warns “any attempt by the citizens of Hommlet or its military will result in more of the hostiges being killed.”

Moonday the 8th of Goodmonth

Having tired of the constant debate from the village council, Elmo gathers together those mercenaries still in the town (Furnok of Ferd, Spugnoir and Zert) and heads to the Moat House to save the hostiges. Unfortunatly, a new group of bandits has apparently moved in to the top layer, believing that the whole complex is abandoned. At first, the battle appears to be going well, but Zert betrays them, slitting Spugnoir’s throad from behind and helping take Elmo down. Only Furnok of Ferd survives, and he returns to tell the town what happened.

Freeday the 5th of Goodmonth

After discovering the amount of help the adventurers had recieved from Hommlet, the mysterious bandits apparantly led by the “pretty boy” somehow arrange the capture of several villagers from Hommlet: two children, three young adults, a housewife and Burne’s apprentice. Though no one knows how it happened, many suspect there may be an agent of the bandits – or more than one – within the village itself.

Godsday the 23rd of Reaping

At first light, the group returns once more to the Moat House. After determining no new forces lurked on the main level, they headed down the stairs, being attacked by giant rats along the way, and narrowly avoiding a pair of green slimes at the bottom, though the last cost them four feet of one of their ten-foot poles.

They proceeded to explore the area until they opened a door to find themselves face-to-face with an oger. Though they managed to defeat the ogre, the noise apparantly attracted the attention of a large hoard of zombies that moved up to block off their escape. The only other door in the room led to a holding cell for several prisoners – snacks for the ogre, most likley – so the party was forced to face the zombies. One by one, the group fell, taking the zombies with them as they did so. As the last party member fell dead, only one zombie remained standing.

Moonday the 22nd of Reaping

First thing in the morning, the party leaves Hommlet to return to the Moat House. Having cleared the path before, this trip takes only an hour. When they arrive, they enter the main body of the Moat House. There, they face a half-dozen bandits, whom they defeat easily, killing the leader and capturing the rest. They question the bandits, and determine that they were “allowed” to work there by the “pretty boy” who they believe lives somewhere below them.

The party return to Hommlet with the bandits, some of whom attempt to escape and are killed. They hand the survivors over to Burne, who had told them he was giving bandits the oportunity to work as men-at-arms. In reuturn for their work in helping make the area safer, he bought them rooms at the Inn for a week, and offered them secure storage in his tower.

The group takes lunch at the Inn, speaking with the mercenary pair Turuko and Kobort. They discuss the possibility of hiring the pair, but determine not to, instead waiting to guage the threat of the bandits.

After purchasing some horses to quicken the trip, the party return to the Moat House, and decide to fully explore the surface before heading downstairs to find the “pretty boy.” They discover that the drawbridge isn’t stable enough to support the horses, so used one of the main gates to reinforce it. Despite this, one of the horses breaks a leg trying to get accross. They face numerous threats, including a giant snake and a giant lizard, but things begin going wrong when Ariana goes to examine a barrle in the kitchen, and a giant tick drops down from the cealing onto her, and drains all of her blood before the rest of the party can save her, killing her.

As the group returns home to bury their comrade, they are ambushed by Turuko and Kobort, who had followed them in the hopes of finding an oportunity for profit. Seeing them one man down and badly battered, the pair decided to attack and loot their bodies. They manage to kill Grognak and Kes before they are themselves killed, their bodies looted and then chucked unceremoniously into the swamp.

The last two arrive in Hommlet, their three companions tied to their horses. They speak to Jaroo Ashstaff to arrange a funeral for them, to discover that Jaroo had three guests he wished to introduce to them: Radlin, an elf follower of the Old Faith who had been sent to aid Jaroo with the bandits; Lesine, a mercenary they had met along the way who had offered her services, and Grimjaw, who had come searching for Grognak, his brother. Eland and Lossa welcome the offer of assitance from these three, determined to return to the moathouse the next day.

After hearing the actions of Turuko and Kobort, the innkeepr of the Welcome Wench gives the party what little the pair left behind, including a fine heavy warhorse.

Sunday the 21st of Reaping

A caravan from Verbobonc is travelling south through Hommlet. Five people (Ariana, Eland, Grognak, Kes and Lossa) had joined for the trip between Verbobonc as either guards or guests purely for the stretch to Hommlet. Each had heard of increased bandit activity around Hommlet, and fears that the Temple of Elemental Evil was once again active, and sought opportunities for glory, justice or money. Talking around the campfire at night, the five realised they were all heading to Hommlet for similar reasons and agreed to work together.

On the last day of the trip, the caravan is attacked by bandits. The five help run off the bandits, and manage to take two captive. They question the bandits, who reveal that they have only recenlty come to town after hearing the area was “easy pickin’s.” They also learn that the group had been threatened by a “pretty boy,” who warned them to limit their activities to at least half a day’s journey outside of Hommlet.

Upon arriving at Hommlet, the five left the caravan and made their way to Captain Grant, the captain of the town militia. They handed over the bandits, and were tehn directed to speak with Jaroo Ashstaff and Burne about the bandit activity. From them, they learn that there is an old Moat House that was once an outpost of the Temple, and they suspect the bandits may be based there. However, the resources it would take to confirm this would leave the village vulnerable, and if they were wrong, the bandits would be able to destroy the village.

The party arranges room at the Inn of the Welcome Wench. There, they speak with some of the patrons, including Furnok of Ferd. As it is early morning, they decide to make their way to the mouthouse and scout it.

After a two-hour journey through dense overgrowth, they arrive at the Moat House, only to be attacked by a handful of giant frogs. Defeating the frogs, they enter the Mout House and explor the large tower near the main gates. Upon entering, they are attacked by a giant spider and, though they defeat it, they decide to head back to town and recover afterwards.


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